Friday, 13 June 2008


I have just pushed out over 100 emails to J-landers, and this entry is to reach those I missed by email. This message is to acknowledge the condolences, sympathy and support from J-landers following the sudden death of my mother 6 weeks ago, on May 1st. Everybody's contributions certainly helped to make a very difficult situation bearable in those early days. J-land has shown itself to be a caring community, which I have always believed to be its strong point.

I sincerely hope all are well, or as well as can be under the circumstances. I do intend to return to blogging, but you'll have to watch this journal for updates.

I am currently blogging on my journal from Holland called The Shell Gallery. However, I am not active in J-land (with a few exceptions), and do not respond to comments from that journal. Do feel free to call round though.


  1. seraphoflove900113 June 2008 at 13:51

    {{{Guido}}} You bet I'll always be there for you. It is so good to hear from you. I do hope that everything is going ok for you.
    So many hugs to you,

  2. (((G))), so sorry to hear about your loss. Sen_ing spirit sprinkles of love your way. If you cannot rea_ my writing, imagine the letter between c & e in the blank. I have lost a letter on my laptop. I am not getting alerts either. Was really surprise_ to see an alert from you to_ay. Blessings & hugs.
    Win =.)

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you will returning to us in J-Land.  We will leave the light on for your return.     Dawn

  4. ceilisundancer13 June 2008 at 15:39

    The lighthouse.

    It's not there for just one or two people.

    Ultimately, it's there for us all.

    I responded to you via e-mail, but know I wish you well, and yes, please stay in touch as you are able to:)

    -- Robin

  5. I'm so glad that you've had the time to keep us updated thru your "Shell Gallery" journal.  We all know that this is a very difficult time for you and we appreciate you taking time to post entires on a daily basis.  Continued wishes for comfort and peace as you stay on with your dad there in Holland.  Linda in WA  

  6. hugs my friend.. looking forward to your return

  7. Good to hear from you, Guido.  I hope you will be back soon.  I miss your photos of boats especially.  Doc and I were watching the building of a boat on I think it was the history channel, putting in the mast, etc, and putting up the sails and then launching it and an image of your many photos of boats came to mind.  I have missed boats all my life from never having lived near the water, and so loved novels about sailing the seven seas.  And had my favorites, like Voyage by Sterling Hayden and High Wind in Jamaica which combined children and a pet pig with sailing the ocean.  Gerry

  8. It'd be nice to see you back in Lewis and J-Land Guido but I understand the need to be with your family at this difficult time. Take care of yourself. Jeannette xx

  9. Your a wonderful person and so many have you in there thoughts..I know I have.

  10. Guido, missing you and hoping you will return someday, Hugs Lisa

  11. Guido,

    We all have missed you and can't wait for your full return!!


  12. princesssaurora14 June 2008 at 06:31

    {{{ Guido }}}

    be well,

  13. springangel23514 June 2008 at 13:28

    Take care of yourself...

  14. Guido, your friends here could do nothing less than offer support for you ... you are always here for us.  

    I keep you in my thoughts and hope that you are feeling brighter a bit, each day.

  15. my deepest condolences on your loss hun,I hope you get through this,we are all here to help love zoe xx

  16. Guido... I can't believe I missed this... I'm so sorry for your loss... I know the J~Landers have taken good care of you, but if you need anything... I'm here now.


  17. Guido,

    I feel it is the least we can do after all the support that you have shown for others here.
    Take care