Thursday, 29 May 2008


Well, I had to point to this story. It made me ill. In August 2006, a group of army cadets set out on Loch Carnan, South Uist, in winds of force 7. A boat overturned and all but one was saved. The 14th was not found until 45 minutes later, drowned under an upturned boat. The fatal accident inquiry is hearing harrowing and shocking evidence. Read more here, but heed my warning.


  1. that is so sad, you can never bring back that beautiful young girl, but we can hope this inquiry will help things like this incident never happen again and that people who are supposed to be in charge will better plan the next time


  2. This makes me sick to my stomach too. How aweful to have your child in the hands of people like that. Scarey.

  3. Having lived near water all my life, I can't imagine anyone going out in a boat without having first checked on the area, the weather & water conditions. I wonder, were these people wearing life vests ? My heart goes out to the family of this vibrant young girl. Linda in WA

  4. I can see why you would feel ill on reading this since you keep such good track of the weather, and it does seem criminal not to when you are taking some trusting people out into it.  Gerry

  5. carolelainedodd29 May 2008 at 22:51

    How terrible!!!
    I can't believe what I've just read.
    Those people who were in charge must be made to answer for what they did, or in this case what they didn't do.
    My thoughts are with the family.

  6. It does make you feel sick to think that people like this are in charge of our youth.  How feeble minded this man seems when questioned.  To think he has been promoted since then?   I hope  he never has to be in charge of young adults ever again!
    Parents beware!


  7. My GOD! We have to prepare for everything we do. How could this idiot go out to sea without even a map or weather report?? It's discusting.

  8. I have read about this,how awful,truely truely a waste zoe xx

  9. helmswondermom5 June 2008 at 04:36

    I'd say "ill-prepared" doesn't begin to cover it.  I feel for that poor girl's family.

  10. Yes, heard about this.  Almost impossible to comprehend.  CATHY

  11. That is such a sad story, an innocent girl's life lost in the bat of an eyelid..... terrible.
    What were they thinking of, my thoughts are with her family having to listen to this evidence. When our children go out with adults we assume that they are being supervised and that they would have the appropriate equiptment for the outing, quite obviously this was not the case here. Awful waste of life