Thursday, 2 October 2008


I am pleased that my J-land 2 folder on Google Reader is filling up nicely with everybody's new URLs.

Ken (buckoclown) is suggesting we drop the J-land name. Let's not have too many changes all at once - this move is proving traumatic enough, and I'm not looking to the heartache that's bound to occur on and after November 1st, when people discover their blogs have disappeared.

The J-land Hub, the Magic Smoke on Blogger, will come to life in the next couple of days with more information on the transfer.

I'll be off Internet from October 3rd until (and including) October 8th, but will try to get internet access at some point. I'm travelling to Orkney tomorrow to photograph 700 wargraves in Kirkwall and Lyness. The weatherforecast is atrocious, so please think of me whilst I feed the fish in the Minch and the Pentland Firth.

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  1. I agree Guido.  It is a little too early to be thinking about names, many are still in shock over this and many still have to find out about it and we do not know how the transfer will go. So, maybe one day, but now is not the time

  2. there are quite a few of us who feel that J Land can not be the name of a community on Blogger. So....who knows but i am not calling it that right now.

  3. what is with having to NOW sign in to leave a comment?  Geesh.  For crying out loud.  You're killing me with the changes.  LOL

    Guido ... not you.  But you know that.  

    Are you adding the URL's to the J-land 2 folder?  My head is spinning with all the change, panic-mode and hurry I feel at my own desk and others.  I just want to be sure I don't need to do something myself.

  4. Oh, brrrrr!  Well, may the wx work out sufficiently for your photographing and documentating.

    Thanks for the continued bits of information.

  5. Be safe on your journey, Guido!  Thanks for all your help duing this time of turmoil and emotions.

  6. You don't need to be on your way on teh high seas to be in my prayers for your safety....But Please don't go feeding them there fishes !!  Love Sybil x

  7. Have fu on your trip............... but stay safe and hurry up and return to us
    hugs Jayne

  8. Have a nice and safe trip, and I hope that the weather doesn't turn out to be as bad as they forecast.  Is my URL in your folder? :)  I won't mind if we adopt a new "community" name, but I'm not quite ready to get rid of J-Land yet either.