Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The End

Tomorrow, 8 October, is the 4th anniversary of my journal Northern Trip on AOL. As AOL is axing its blogging service, I have decided to cease making entries on this journal from now. It will be transferred to an archive on Blogger as soon as the mechanism for doing so becomes available.

My new blog, Atlantic Lines, is hosted on Blogger and has been in use for a few days now. Please go there for further updates.

Thank you to all in J-land on AOL who welcomed me into the community from 2005 onwards. A special thank you to reader peguera1, who was one of my first commenters.

See you on Blogger.



  1. Awwwwwwww.... Happy Anniversary to your journal....
    and a new beginning to your blog....
    Linda :)

  2. Happy Anniversary to your journal too, and I wish you well on your new journal.  I know it will be well read there as yours' have been here.


  3. Hasta.  :)

  4. I'd love to say Happy Anniversary to you Guido, but I guess I'll wait 'til next year and say in on Atlantic Lines.  My fifth anniversary on AOL J is this month as well.  Disheartening, but I'm just going to make myself get over it.  So far, I feel a sense of community at blogger and I think that is due to the 'followers' section and the e-mail alerts to my own e-mail from comments.  That helps.  

    Oh heck with it:  Happy FOURTH Year of Journal-ing!  See you on Blogger!

  5. Very fitting to end on Northern Trip's anniversary.  I'll see you at Blogger.

  6. Finally tracked you properly, didn't recognize the sobriquet lol. Atlantic Lines is the new as the past is honored, and Northern Trip gave me many a learned look into the "eye" of things, for which I truly thank you. Onward! http://cathy-daretothink.blogspot.com/

  7. Happy Belated Anniversary. A perfect photo. Love it.