Thursday, 2 October 2008

Midnight update

The procedure for transferring our blogs to Blogger is yet to be announced.

YOU have to do the transferring, there is nothing automatic about it. Any blogs left untransferred on November 1st will be lost.

Setting up on Blogger:
1. Go to
2. Click the big orange arrow
3. If you already have a Google account, use the login details for that to proceed
4. If you DON't have a Google account, provide the details requested, and please don't forget to check the validation email and click on the link that contains.
5. You now have an Blogger account into which you can transfer your AOL journal


  1. I have done all those things Guido but still have no idea how to transfer my journals and I have five in my name although only two or three are listed on hometown.  I am so afraid I am going to lose them or make a mistake in the transfer. I hope you can give more specific advise at the appropriate time.

  2. I'm with Jeanno ... stumped as to how to do a transfer, hoping AOL will provide at the least ... directions.  :::sigh:::

    In the meanwhile, I'm trying to decide ... copy and paste to word docs or mirror image with a program or back up to hard drive.  

    Another big sigh.

  3. Exactly right, Guido, but it's the transfer, or migration, that stumps us.  We can't suss out how to move the Journal into Blogger, but we will I'm sure when they give out the instructions in MS.  We're just a bit jumpy, that's all.  Panicky, there's years of people's heart and soul in those pages and no one wants to risk losing a thing.  Surely we'll be getting proper instructions soon.  Thanks for being so incredibly helpful, I've been following your directives closely!  xoxo CATHY ( for now lol )

  4. As always Guedo  you come up with the simplest explanations...Thank You.  I MIGHT  just MIGHT even give it a go!! but not till I come back from SA. I will have a couple of days to do something. I might feel stonger by then. So much seem sto have been happening lately it is just one thing after another.. ( I have saved your instructions !!)Love as always Sybil  x

  5. Thanx Guido.....I printed those instuctions.  Marlene

  6. see Guido I got the account
    but then I ahve an entry but still
    how do you teransfer

  7. Thanks Guido, I had a Google account so I'm assuming I'm fine and ready to navigate over as soon as "they" furnish that nave link.  It's a complete folly to keep you from posting on Magic Smoke, I know dozens of ppl including myself who were following your clear-cut humane instructions as to what to do.  CATHY