Friday, 3 October 2008


Greetings from Inverness.

I urgently need to tell you that it has proved impossible to migrate the dormant journals, including those written by the deceased, to Blogger. If anyone does have access to them, it can be done; if not, copying the entire journal manually is the only option. Lori [helmswondermom on AOL] mentioned on her Blogger journal that saving it as an ebook is apparently an option - please check her journal. Haven't got the link here, and have only very limited time.

I am desperately sorry about this.

It is perishingly cold today, with a strong northerly wind and snow on the mountains. Not even just the tops, quite low down as well. Temperatures are currently between 5 and 8 degrees across the Highlands. Had a rough crossing to Ullapool, with sleet showers along the way. Now in Inverness Tourist Office, trying to access my email - not possible due to temp maintenance.


  1. Well, I know three people named Lori so do not know which one you mean.  I simply cannot copy and paste everything Guido, I am a mass of aches and pains.  I wish I could do more but I cannot.  So looks like we lose everything.

  2. Keep warm Guido ,and hope you can retrieve your e mail  ,will have to leave the other matter to more clever people. Your concern though is admirable   love Jan xx

  3. Weather here in London was great tgis morning, lovely and sunny but freezing. Now its clouded over and i can only guess we are looking forward to some rain     :o((

    Stay snug and warm
    hugs Jayne

    ps..... i dont have a journal..... but if i can be of any help copying and pasting something please let me know
    hugs J

  4. I have begun to save mine to Word for now.  I signed onto Blogger but have as yet to open up a journal.
    I have visited those who have already done so but can't get through to Pams... I am told to report it to 'somwhere or other' but I am just too frustrated at the tediousness of it all.  It's just so frustrating!  How does one leave a message etc?
    Confusing to say the least.

    It's a beautiful day here in the Lakes but it is bitterly cold out of the sun.  Stay warm up there Guido and layer up when you go out.

  5. Thank you for your efforts Guido.  I've copied the journal I'm interested in saving to my hard drive and will at some point in the future, figure out a way to move it to blogger (for his widow).  

    Again, thank you!  DRESS WARM!

  6. ladymagnolia19633 October 2008 at 22:16


    Well the count down has begun. I wanted to make sure all the journals I have as my favorites gets my new url. My journal here was called "LadyMagnolia's Daily Blog."

    My NEW on is called Dear Diary it's me~Donna

    E-Mail is


  7. You can backup your journals using this:

    The BackStreet Browser will quickly make a complete hard copy on your computer of all the content you've uploaded to AOL over the years. It's free, it's easy to use, and I walk you through how to do it in my post just in case you're not sure where to begin.

    Any questions, just let me know.

    --Marah Marie

  8. It's freezing and rainy and downright miserable in aberdeen too...We'd hailstones here yesterday but no snow so far and you can keep it up there lol...Am still confused and so non techy that trying to save my AOL journal is probs not gonna happen :o( I can't cut n paste it all as i don't have enough time to do so...Most annoying as a lot of what was written on mine in the beginning is things  i really need to keep info on :o(

  9. Guido please visit me a :
    and leave me your new link. I do finally have a gmail lurkynat@gmail
    and so I want to be a follower of your new blog. cheers

  10. Hi Guido, I read somewhere that after opening a blog on the new bloggers site, our old journal entries will be automatically uploaded when requested, but cannot find the link to put in a request.  Please advise.  I have been very busy saving the comments to my entries, which are so important.  But having all our old entries on the new blogger site will be so much easier for new readers to understand what has gone before.  One of my journals is an ongoing story, so would like all of this to be transferred.
    Also please can I have your new url?

    many thanks
    Freda of

    although it is locked at the moment, as it seems some of us new bloggers have received emails checking out that we are not spammers, and having out new journals temporarily blocked :-(

    all the best