Friday, 4 January 2008

Disaster averted

At 6.45 am this morning, a lorry slid off the road at a railway level crossing in the village of Auchterarder, between Perth and Stirling. It ended up on the tracks and collided with a single locomotive, with no wagons attached. The locomotive derailed, and its driver was injured, although not seriously. The lorry driver and his son escaped injury.

The London to Inverness Sleeper train was due through the level crossing 15 minutes later. An incident with that train would have resulted in multiple casualties. The Sleeper was stopped at Gleneagles Station and its 48 passengers transferred by coach to Inverness. The track will reopen at 4.30pm today.


  1. Oh dear there is always something for someone every day.I am so happy there were no fatalities.A blessing too that the other train wasn't hit.I willpray all get well soon from the trauma.Take Care God Bless Kath

  2. Someone must have been watching over them.

  3. I'm so glad that nobody ws seriously injured!!  I'm so AMERICAN, can you please tell me what a 'lorrie' is??  Is it just a car, an automobile??


  4. I believe a guardian angel took over and watched out for the driver and his son as well as the timing as to not have had it hit the sleeper car.  Nice to hear nobody was seriously injured.

  5. The weather has been awful here. I'm glad nobody was seriously hurt. Pam xx