Saturday, 5 July 2008


Ingrid Betancourt, Colombian politician of French/Colombian extraction, was finally freed from captivity earlier this week. The subterfuge employed by the Colombian armed forces to do so without bloodshed deserves the credit it merits. The political pressure, brought about by Nicolas Sarkozy, the French head of state, appears to have attracted a lot of praise too. Whilst being happy for Mrs Betancourt that she is out of the hands of those who held her against her will, I don't see what all the fuss is about. The FARC movement are holding more than 700 hostages, most of them not as high profile as this lady, and several were previously freed or released.

Ingrid Betancourt was seized in 2002 when she was campaigning to become president of Colombia. As such, she tried to engage the FARC movement in an effort at national reconciliation - and FARC seized her, as it has taken hundreds hostage. It was almost to be expected. The Colombian rebels have been severely weakened in recent times, not least because several of their leaders have been killed or died naturally.

I just hope that this spectacular action will be the prelude to the release of all of FARC's hostages, and the dissolution of the rebel movement. Methinks Colombia should be united in its battle against the cocaine barons, not divided.


  1. I totally agree Guido. Just releasing one prisoner ~ high profile or no high profile isn't good enough. If her release is the beginning of the ultimate release of others then it's a good thing but if it's just a token effort then something needs to be done to secure the release of the other poor souls. Jeannette xx  

  2. Guido,
    Good point, well taken.  It's good to see you posting.  I missed you.  I hope all is well.

  3. hello guido, good to see you posting here again, hope all is well. i agree that they should unite to battle the cocaine barons and more hostages should be released. I am not up on politics confuses me but thanks for keeping me informed with your info. take care mrs t xx

  4. Hope this means your are BACK!!!


  5. The sting in order to get these hostages was simply amazing, and I am amazed it went off without a hitch.