Friday, 25 July 2008

Friday 25 July

Another bright and fairly sunny day, which is going to be pretty warm again as well. There is a lot of high cloud about, which heralds a change in the weather. Tomorrow will probably see more in the way of showers as an Atlantic front moves up from Ireland in the night.

Major news in the UK is related to a by-election (interim election) for the UK Parliament in a constituency in Glasgow. The seat was previously held by the Labour party, currently in government, but their 13,000+ majority was overturned by the Scottish National Party. It is the latest in a series of bad election results for Labour, which is currently in government. In Scotland, the SNP has been in office since elections to the devolved Scottish Parliament in May 2007.

A plane, en route from London to Melbourne, was diverted to Manila, Philippines, after an 8 by 10 ft hole appeared in its fuselage below the wing. This was also noticeable to the passengers, because pressure was lost in the passenger cabin, the floor and ceiling collapsed and winds began to blow inside. On landing at Manila, passengers saw the hole for themselves, making some of them physically sick.


  1. ceilisundancer25 July 2008 at 15:16

    I think I'd feel pretty sick, too!  Really glad that they weren't sucked out of the hole or other horrible thing.

    Enjoy your day.  We'll likely get some showers, also, but that serves to keep it a mite bit cooler for a late July day.

  2. I heard about that plane...oh my gosh, that would have been scary.  I'm not sure they would have gotten me on another plane in Manila.  I think that would have become my new home.   It was nice here on Friday too.  About 75* with a cool breeze blowing all day.  Linda in WA

  3. The plane story was very scary.........not that you would ever get me on a plane anyway, but your heart has to go out to all the passengers on the flight and i have the utmost admiration for the pilot who was able to land the plane safely. W ell Done.
    hugs Jayne

  4. dear Guido,
    umm ok so who is the National Party; liberal, or conservative?
    what did cause that plane to go down/