Thursday, 24 July 2008

Warm day

By Hebridean standards, any temperature of 20C or more means the day was warm if not positively hot. It was 20C this afternoon. Today started cloudy, but the sun came out at lunchtime. Went into town at 2pm, but away from the seafront it really was quite warm. Following all the building and refurbishment work, carried out during my absence, a little clearing up was done. You've got to take advantage of the nice weather.


  1. Thanx for your comment hun,I did email him but his inbox is full and cant accept mail,I know his blog well he was one of my first commenters,I am really worried because hes not even appeared on my aim buddies for a long time,I was just hoping in the vastness of this all,that someone may know if hes ok.zoe xx

  2. The weather is still a question here today.  Tuesday & Wednesday were cool (62*) and overcast.  This morning the sun is trying to  peek thru the clouds so we'll see.  It sounds like your back to your routine there at home.   Linda in WA  

  3. Oh yes, you must take advantage of the warm days, we never know if we'll be getting any more. Jeannette xx  

  4. Here in London the weather is very cloudy and muggy............. where oh where is the sunshine?? i would just like a day to be able to sit in the garden and relax under the sun...... ho
    Have fun wherever you are
    hugs Jayne