Sunday, 6 July 2008

Piper Alpha

6 July 1988

A black day in the history of North Sea oil exploration.

167 men die on board the Piper Alpha platform in the North Sea after a gaspipe ruptures, causing a huge fire. The horrifying images are etched on the minds of all who work in that industry, as well as of their relatives, friends, neighbours and communities. The BBC has published a good but chilling account on this page. Lessons have been learned, but those that died will not come back. Those with scarring, physical or emotional, will not be much helped by that.

I know one or two people who work in the oil industry, and their tale is one of money before men. On one rig, a man was killed instantly in an accident. His corpse was covered in a tarpaulin and his co-workers ordered to continue operations over the body. The production of oil may not be interrupted without serious cause, as national interests are at stake.

This entry is dedicated to the memory of those who died on Piper Alpha.
This entry is dedicated to those who suffered injury of whichever form there.

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  1. I remember it well Guido; a very black day in the history of North Sea oil. Jeannette xx  

  2. I wasn't aware of this, what a horrible tragedy.... I went to read the BBC page, thanks for posting it.  Very sad!!


  3. Nice of you to remember these men, I hadn't been aware of this.  Gee, I find it hard to believe oil companies would put anything before money.  Not.  

  4. I can`t believe it`s been 20 years since the terrible disaster, it was so horrific.

    Love Sandra xx

  5. a terrible tradegy...horrible. good that we remember, i hope that the lessons were truly learnt. take care mrs t xx

  6. Such a terrible waste of lives....... RIP

  7. ceilisundancer13 July 2008 at 01:17

    Oh, how utterly horrible :(