Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Wednesday 30 July

Quite a nice day, but with a steady deterioration in the weather. Mind you, it is still quite bright, but you'd have a job to find the sun. No complaints about the temperature, which is a pleasant 21C / 70F. Went to town this morning to get the newspapers. There was a European street market in Point Street and the lower part of Francis Street, selling a lot of continental-type food as well as a variety of teas (leaves), crockery and other little things. Very nice - will be here until the weekend. It is carnival weekend, so the funfair was already in place.

MV Muirneag is on its way home. The ship ran aground on Friday morning, nearly knocking over a jogger who was out for an early-morning run on the shoreline path between Cuddy Point and the Creed. Fancy having to dodge a 5,800 tonne ship coming straight at you!


  1. Yikes...I bet the jogger was quite startled with that coming at him!!!  I believe, I recall you had video last year of the carnival so if you attend, enjoy yourself.

  2. i would have a heart attack if i saw a tanker coming at me like that.
    sounds like your town will be busy this week.

  3. Looking forward to some photo's of the market/carnival ?  Ihad to laug hat the vision that came to my eyes of the boat aproaching teh jogger LOL.  enjoy this nice warm weather...still sunny here but I just hear the forecast fo tomorow maybe heavy rain....I will pretend I didn't hear it.   Love Sybil xx

  4. I was nearly run over by the cross channel ferry in Weymouth! It's quite scary, I was rowing  boat and rowed round the long jetty to see a huge ferry coming straight at me! They look so big whe you're under them! Enjoy the carnival weekend, I hope the weather brightens up for it ~ we have the Gay Pride festival here in Brighton. Jeannette xx  

  5. Your walk for the newspaper sounded wonderful.  Hope you get to go back again for they leave.   Almost hit on the   Good thing he is okay...he will be looking a lot more careful next time.  Take care!

  6. Yes, of all things to have to dodge when you're minding your on business jogging.   Glad that jogger was able to get out of the way!


  7. WOW........... Just as well the jogger was fully awake........ thats the last ting that you would expect to encounter whilst out jogging.
    Hugs Jayne