Sunday, 27 July 2008

Summer continues

It looks as if the summery conditions will continue for a few days yet, until a breakdown moves up from the south on Tuesday or Wednesday. Temperatures here in Stornoway have been pegged back a little, to 19C as opposed to the 23C seen yesterday, by a moderate northeasterly breeze. Elsewhere in the country, the mercury has sped past the 80F mark without any impediment.

Sat outside for a while around the midday mark, but just managed to add more sunburn to what I had already acquired in Holland over the past few months. The sea haar that plagued us through the night and into the early hours of the morning was quickly dispersed by that northeasterly.


  1. The temp in our back garden was 97.7 Guido, not kidding. I dare not even think about going out there when it is like that.

  2. Still overcast & gloomy here in the Tacoma-Seattle area.  Where's the rain that was promised ?  If it doesn't rain, I'll be dragging the hoses around again this afternoon.  You can't trust these weathermen !   Linda in WA

  3. Really HOT here today... I do love the warm weather but even I struggle with the heat this afternoon. I am sitting here with fan going windows all open curtains partially drawn...I sat out this morning till around noon when the sun came round to that side of the house... Still I won't complain !!!!  Love  Sybil xx

  4. It was lovely and hot here today, I had a good walk over the South Downs again. I love the heat, can't get enough of it! Jeannette xx

  5. have you visited Lori's blog lately? she might do well in Call for Support and I think you know her better.

  6. springangel23528 July 2008 at 13:35

    Our heat in Virginia is still going strong...hope yours cools down sunburns, be careful!
    Take care,