Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tuesday 22 July

Today started bright and fairly sunny, but as I type there are spits and spots of rain on the brisk wind. We went to the newly opened Tesco supermarket, which has taken the place of Somerfields. The supermarket was heaving, in a word. Impression favourable, but I'd have to go back at a quieter time to really see what it is like. Tesco are employing a lot of folk that used to work at Somerfields.

Otherwise, I'm keeping a quiet day, as I'm still pretty knackered following my long journey yesterday.


  1. We of course don't have Tesco over here.  But I have 6 grocery type stores within about 6 miles from my house.  One of them, Fred Meyer Store, is not only a grocery store but they have everything you need to run a house, including a garden shop and clothes for the whole family.  I recently bought a new carpet shampooer there and of course at the same time got some milk and bread.  Linda in WA

  2. I used to like Somerfield's, unfortunately our local one closed and they opened a Sainsbury's, which i mega expensive compared to Somerfield's.
    hugs Jayne