Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year's Day notes

Slightly cross-eyed after retiring to bed at 4.30 am, your Northern Trip blogger is back on post. It is a cloudy day, but the sun is trying to make an appearance. The forecast for later in the week mentions SNOW, as a Russian bear comes ambling down from Siberia for a few days. By the weekend, frost and snow will all have gone again.

Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year, saw a record number of emergency calls for the period between 7pm last night and 7am this morning. These appear to have been mainly drink related, leading to a call for a rise in the price of alcoholic drinks. It shocked me to see the amount of booze leaving Somerfield supermarket over the past week or so. What is even more shocking is the long established fact that it is cheaper to buy alcopops and beer than it is to purchase a bottle of mineral water.


  1. A very Happy New Year Guido ..love Jan xx

  2. We wondered what kept you lol.  Yes, it is expected to turn very cold here on Thursday but the weather agencies are arguing over it.  Some say the whole of January will be very cold, the Met Office says a couple of arctic days followed by a very mild January.  Ho Hum.  Yes, that is why there are so many drunken young people these days.  

  3. Happy New Year, again, Guido.  We are getting an artic blast here the next two days as well!  Glad to see you up and about, was wondering how your celebrations went, LOL.  

  4. You surely had a late night!  I managed to stay up until 1 am...woohoo, that is late for me since I had to rise at 5 to tend the animals.

  5. They are calling for a few flurries here too in VA....I know it is windy and very cold now.  Have a wonderful week...take care.

  6. so so true Guedo...I was at a party..I hate parties !!...on Saturday evening it was at a local football club so I expected the drink to be cheaper...I got Mary a rum and coke...and me an orange (I was driving !) they didn't have any tomato juice my usual drink...anyway the two drinks came to £4.... I was shocked...It certainly dosn't pay to have non alcoholic drnks....  I don't know how all the young ones who are binge driking are finding the money...Have a great new year  Love Sybil x

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Guido!  Even though my heritage appears to be Scotch-Irish, I don't drink!  Guess I wouldn't fit in very well!  But because of all the drinkers, we just stayed home and off the roads!

    The weather here in Central Florida has really been beautiful.  We're supposed to have a cold front coming through this week though.  They're even talking about temperatures that haven't been seen here in years.  Maybe even record breakers. They're saying that we might see temperatures in the 20's by Wednesday night.  Brrrrr!!  (tee hee)  I'm so not used to cold weather anymore -- thank goodness!  Right now we have the windows open, ceiling fans running and we're loving it.  It is overcast but the temp is probably somewhere in the 70's right now!

    Blessings to you and yours, Linda

  8. My most local store for beer and wine (I don't know where my closest liquor store is, and yes, liquor is NOT sold in beer/wine stores), sells only in multi-packs or larger sizes, no single-serving sizes sold, individually.  Shaking my head.  No wonder it takes me half a year to drink a 6-pack!

    As I readied for bed, I realized it was 11:37 p.m. so what the heck -- my DD even tried to text me but it wouldn't download.  I'm glad Dick Clark is still on (even if he seemed as if he perhaps had had a stroke along the way, or? I'm NOT up on my celebrities).  I had a great ceili option but the cost, appropriate for the venue and musicians and free champagne, was more than my budget could spare daggone it.

    A russian bear comes ambling down from Siberia for a few days -- is this a bit of folklore?  Intriguing.

    Here's to a fantastic new year to you.

  9. Happy New Year to you.... we all get to start fresh:) judi