Tuesday, 1 January 2008

My other journals and websites

Jokes journal
Jokes off the Seawall - the seawall stands directly across the road from my window

Recipe Book
Various recipes from Scotland and elsewhere

St Martin's Storm 2005
A more than ordinarily severe storm on 11 November 2005

Mod 2005
The Gaelic cultural festival came to Stornoway in October 2005

Northern Trip - The Start
The predecessor to this journal in chronology, detailing my travels through Northern Scotland in the summer and autumn of 2004

Tropical cyclones
Hurricane warnings from around the world

Faces from the War Memorial
Portraits and personal details of all men from Lewis who died during World War I

My personal website

Arnish Lighthouse
Observations on life in the Isle of Lewis

Flickr pictures
All 12,000 pictures (to date) on flickr.com

Youtube videos
Photo compilations and more


  1. My goodness you are a busy guy!!  I will have to pay a visit to some of the sites I didn't know about.

  2. Thank you for all these links...I saved many...Have a wonderful New Year Guido!!!

  3. An embarrassment of riches!  Thank you Guido, for all these places you opened to us, sharing yourself with a quick smile and generous heart.  I'm using the recipes my friend, and looking at the others.  This has always been one of the warmest most genuine places to visit, I know I'll be back more often in this new year.  Bless you for all you give in such a dear way.  xoxo CATHY

  4. Okay, it's easier for me to simply save this post/entry in my favorites, then try to find these on your sidebar.  Thanks for the compilation, and gotta love your videos :)

  5. Happy New Year!  I just found a comment in an old journal of mine from over a year ago. You were looking for a link to my new blog. LOL! Better late than never.



  6. I'm putting that list in "My Favorites" for future reference. Some of my pictures have disappeared...Father Time must have snagged them as he left out the back door.   Linda in WA

  7. See how HAPPY you made us all, by sharing these journals!!  LOL!!!  Thanks, Guido!!


  8. I hope you have a wonderful 2008.

  9. I'm glad you did this entry. I have lots of new things to visit from you and always enjoy your entries and good information. You must never get up from the computer.  WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE US.

    Nelishia, Dirk, and little Katie too,


  10. Wow, I had no odea that you had so many blogs. I'm glad that you shared this list. I will scheck out your other writings.--Sheria

  11. Oh my goodness.  I never knew you did all these.  I'll have to come back when I have a few days free.