Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Wednesday notes

Bright day out here, with a lot of high cloud about. A change in the weather is afoot, with a Russian bear coming out of the Arctic tundra - only to gallop straight back by the weekend, as the Atlantic kicks its butt. Temperatures here just under 9C. Tomorrow will be a lot colder, 4C, with snow and sleet expected on the east coast - I'm in the west. An advance weather warning is in force for snow up to 20 cm in depth on the east coast of Scotland and England. Judging by past performances, it will probably be the wrong kind of snow which will bring everything to a juddering halt.

A volcano is erupting in Chile, 400 miles of the capital Santiago. 150 people have been evacuated from the immediate area. The Llaima volcano last erupted in 1994. It is now belching out ash and lava with a smoke column rising up to 10,000 feet. Llaima is the most active volcano in Chile, but its eruptions are usually moderate.

A containership has run aground on the Varne Bank in the Dover Straits, 9 miles south of Dover. It does not appear to be damaged, or causing pollution. The Varne sandbanks are well marked. Tugs are on their way to try to pull the LT Cortesia free, which may be a bit hard as the ship ran aground near high tide.


  1. Yes, it always the wrong kind of leaves, rain, snow.  The start to the New Year has seen much tragedy already, fatal car crashes, stabbings etc.  We can only hope things improve as the year progresses.

  2. We have bright sunshine as well but bitterly cold temps with a howling wind ~ but thankfully no snow and none in the forecast.  Keep warm!

  3. It's biting cold here and snowed on one side of town last night but not on ours.  I wish it had so Katie could enjoy a small bit. I think we're going to bundle up today and go enjoy seeing a few of our beautiful mountains today and walk about.  Sorry to read about the containership as that must be a huge mess and hopefully no one was hurt.


  4. Pity those dealing with a volcano. I cannot even imagine that! It's windy, warm, and dry here. We are having very warm and dry winds from the desert. It makes your skin itch terribly! But, luckily, we are expecting rain so that will help.
    Have a good day Guido!