Saturday, 23 December 2006

Christmas Crush

Just back from my Christmas shopping (doesn't take long in my case), in a packed town centre. Long queues at the butchers' (not required), the bookshop (had to buy papers). Woolworths' was a nightmare, with kids flitting in and out of aisles and a shop assistant with a bad cold. It's a non-descript day weatherwise, although I gather the fog may be lifting down south. In Woolies, the Boxing Day sales items were hidden (badly) behind black plastic, and they'll be about the only shop open on Boxing Day.

Well, I wish everybody good luck with their Christmas preparations, a Merry Christmas, stay safe and all the rest of it.


  1. Hello Guido,

    I`m finished with shopping myself. If I haven`t bought everything well I`ll have to manage without!  The fog has lifted though it`s very overcast and still rather cold.  It`s nice to be able to see further than a few yards and even nicer for those poor stranded passengers at Heathrow Airport.  Have a very Happy Christmas. :o)

    Best Wishes Sandra xx

  2. I had my husband complete all of our shopping yesterday...
    So happy you did all of yours...
    Yes, the stores are packed, I would not be able to stand the crowds...glad you are rest up!
    Take care,

  3. Oh for the times when shops DID not open at Christmas.  That is what has really ruined Christmas. People who work in shops have to be there Boxing Day.  All for pure greed on the stores behalves.  I mean the world would not come to an end because they closed for one extra day.  I sit here, the Turkey is happily defrosting in the oven.  All presents wrapped, house tidy.  All I have to do is make the Trifle tomorrow.  Nice to be able to relax instead of dashing around at the last minute.

  4. P.S. The fog has gone from here, clear as the proverbial bell.  But it is very dark, got the lights on and had them on for some time.

  5. Clear and sunny here.  Boring weather as usual.  We could wear shorts outside if we wanted to.  Hope you have a good holiday and get to relax a bit.

  6. Sounds like shopping this weekend is the same all over the world.  And your weather sound likes sun, no rain, slight's just a blah day.  I'm off to the store for...well if you read my entry for today you'll know.  And I may take in a movie, there are several I'd like to see this weekend. Have a good evening..Linda in Washington state  

  7. My world got dumped with snow lalalalalallllaaaaaa! Beautiful clean white snow. I love it. Merry christmas Guido

  8. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Guido!  You still have Woolworth's?  I loved that store.  They are long gone in the US.  LOL..I did all my shopping yesterday and finished this afternoon.  I'm a crunch shopper.  Chris