Saturday, 23 December 2006

Hurricane update - 23 December

Tropical cyclone Bondo is about to make an unwelcome appearance in northern Madagascar, with winds of 100 mph. My tropical cyclone blog has seen a sudden surge in popularity, with about 30 or 40 visitors each day from all over eastern Africa. Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya. I was appalled by the lack of accurate information from Madagascar newsmedia, but I hope that the info on my blog will somehow filter through.

Bondo is likely to be the last cyclone of 2006. Although it was mercifully quiet in the Atlantic, after the dreadful seasons of 2004 and 05, the hurricane season of 2007 is not foreseen to be as quiet again. During the summer of 2006, climatic conditions (El Nino and large sandstorms from the Sahara desert) suppressed the formation of hurricanes in the Atlantic. El Nino is likely to subside during the winter.

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  1. What a good service you provide.  I hope the info does indeed filter through and get to many in time.