Monday, 25 December 2006


As regular readers know, I have a webcam, which has been running since December 14th, 2005. Since then, it has attracted 36,000 viewers. This means I've had an average of 100 viewers every day. 76% come from the USA and the UK. Googling brings me a fair number of visitors, as does my parallel blog Arnish Lighthouse on the BBC.

Hosting a website from your own computer means you need a have wide bandwidth window, as it can easily eat up up to 20 GB in a month, as I've found out to my cost. Using means that they host, and only pull the stream from your webcam when it's needed. Little plug for them, I know, but they provide a good service.

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  1. I try to visit your webcam as much as I's fact going there are very popular...and for good are a very interesting person, so happy we all know you!!!!  
    Take care...