Thursday, 28 December 2006

Year's End

Picture from Hometown

Well, we're into the last few days of 2006. It's very dark now, even during "daylight" hours. Went for a drive round the West Side this afternoon, will publish pictures later today. Had to put the camera on shortest possible exposure all the time due to low light. Nonetheless, am not dissatisfied with outcome.

I am once again saddened to see people pushed into a situation where they have to go private with their blogs. It seems to be affecting those in J-land who are in most need of support.

I have snagged a few graphics from Donna to cheer up this entry. Yes, it's all lighthouse. One of my outside blogs is called Arnish Lighthouse, and I look out on that particular lighthouse. I would also like to use it to attempt to light up those amongst us who are going through a dark phase at the moment. Both J-landers, as well as those reading the blog (unkindly referred to as lurkers). You know who you are. Aye, like everybody else, there are things in my life I do not mention on here.

What I write on here is related to what it says at the top. To give the wider world an insight into the small community of the Isle of Lewis. In addition, I relay news items from the north and west of Scotland, and things that hold my interest. People do not feature heavily in it, and are rarely referred to by full names. In addition, I write certain entries because of what I read in others' blogs. Yesterday's Christmas Gloom entry was intended in that vein. Yes, I write as a J-lander.

Although it's only December 28th, and there are still 3 full days left of this year, I would like to wish Scots at home and in diaspora a good Hogmanay; those that let off fireworks please take care; and all a prosperous and healthy 2007.

Picture from Hometown


  1. I always find your journal interesting and informative Guido. I can almost second guess which subjects from the news you will touch on.  Well done and carry on the good work in 2007. I always think `lurker` sounds rather unsavoury, perhaps we can refer to them as something! ;o)

    Sandra xx

  2. I try to get around to at least read your blog.But AOhell sometimes does not allow me the good fortune to comment as it freezes up and I must shut down by not logging off but by turning the computer off the 'wrong' wy which I hate to do. But I do read some journals that I do not comment in.Sometimes I think I am 'intruding' where maybe my input is not needed.
    But Lurker is like a nasty word,I don't think I or others are 'nasty' per sey.
    Keep Blogging everyone!!!

  3. LOL we have the good lurker... and the bad.  The bad usually take what you've done or said and twist, turn, and manipulate to fit their needs.  The good.. they read, smile, remember, and come back another day for more info.
    Happy New Year Guido!  Looking forward to 2007

  4.     I am a lurker, sorry, I just like reading but have had much to say.  I will drop a line occasionally.  Happy New Year from Iowa.


  5. Hi Guido. I love your lighthouse graphics....and they do suit your journal considering you live so near the Arnish Lighthouse.  When you show pics of the Arnish Lighthouse I always think it sits there so lonely.  At attention...but lonely.  I've really enjoyed getting to know you through this journal this past year.  Your pictures have taken my breath away many times.  I look forward to continuing on in 2007.

  6. It is a shame that so many people have felt the need to go private. Mine was more provoked by personal dealings than by problems with others, but I know that several have chosen to go private because of things they cannot bear to take from readers, and "lurkers".

    Right you are, there are three days left of 2006, but I'm wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year, filled with all things that make you joyous. 2007 will indefinitely bring many new changes, new chances. It'll be good for all of us.

    I know I haven't commented on journals or written in my own for over a week (until today) but I do care deeply about the people here and I wish them all the best.


  7. Like the entry, Guido.  No one has a perfect life; just some are more open about their problems.  Only the miserable will enter a journal and wreak havoc.  Hope that 2007 brings some sort of peace and joy to all.  Chris