Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Christmas Gloom

Came across a few entries showing the reverse of the Christmas Cheer. The first is by Indigo, who had to deal with a suicide attempt in her immediate circle over Christmas. It was fortunately unsuccessful.

The second is by Mary, who went to the nursing home where her father is now. She came across so many elderly people in there, whose children or grandchildren had promised to come, but never came.

I do not want to put a dampener on the many of you who have had a great few days, myself included. However, there are many lonely people, for whom Christmas is a time that their loneliness comes into sharp focus. In the Northern Hemisphere, it also coincides with the shortest days of the year, leading to desperate actions in some instances.

Less severely, it is at Christmas too that we have to confront family issues, and I came across that full-on in one of the private blogs I read. Many people have had a great time with their relatives, but not everybody is that lucky.

Again, I sincerely hope that everybody had a great time this weekend, but spare a thought for those that did not.


  1. True... I am saying prayers for those not as blessed as I...

    be well,

  2. You're so right Guido.  For some, myself included, the holidays are tough.  I've had some wonderful ones.  And some bad ones.  This wasn't the worst....but I'm glad it's come and gone.
    Have a good night.

  3. I also think that if anyone has it in their heart to visit a nursing home for just a 1/2 hour, to sit with someone that never has a'd be giving yourself a gift, too. ~Mary

  4. I was really touched by Mary's entry and I plan on doing some nursing home visiting after I retire and definitely during the next holiday season.  If every able bodied person visited one nursing home just once during the holidays..the halls would be packed with people.  And the people who live there would be thrilled.  It's a lonely life for some dear souls all year but especially during the holidays.  Linda in Washington    

  5. It really came across to me that Christmas can be a lonely time when my friend died last week. It seems awful to see people celebrating all around when you've lost someone, makes you feel even more alone and cut off from others. Happy new year! Jeannette xx