Thursday, 28 December 2006

Thursday 28/12/06

Another grey day with low cloud and high temperatures. Mrs B's son now has a car at his disposal, so after a cheese on toast, we head out for the West Side at 1.30pm. Visibility is good to start with, but the onset of a rainfront curtails that. Pass by the two windturbines on the Arnish Moor, near the Grimshader road. They stand in a hollow, at a lower level than the main road. We proceed to Cameron Terrace, where we turn off to Achmore and Loch Ganvich. The sky lowers further as we pass the lonely miles across the spine of the island. We bypass the Callanish Stones on the way north towards Carloway. Nobody stirs as the rain falls on the village of Tolsta Chaolais. Grey houses stand amongst the yellowed grass and brownish bracken. The geese, which flock the loch during spring and summer, have gone for winter. Once in Carloway, we take a peek down the Borrowston Road, which ends above Carloway Pier. We also have a look at the Gearrannan Blackhouse Village, which stands deserted. Proceed to Dalmore via Upper Carloway. The houses at Dalmore look rundown, an overwhelming stench of manure emanates from a yard, where a sorry sheep stands up to its haunches in muck. Rain falls on a cold wind as we venture out to the cemetery, which stands directly above the beach. At 2.45, we drive the few miles east to Dalbeg, where ducks and geese populate the loch, now devoid of waterlilies. Only the sand provides a splash of brightness on this dark December day. Return to Stornoway through Shawbost, Bragar and the Barvas Moor. Darkness falls as we enter town. Mrs B goes for shopping, whilst her son drives me round some of the streets, and out to Cuddy Point. Light has completely failed by then. Supper is a very nice roast with vegetables and mashed potatoes. During the evening, the wind picks up to force 7, in anticipation of much worse tomorrow. A helicopter crash yesterday off Morecambe is now known to have claimed the lives of 6 men, with a 7th still missing. The search for him has now been called off, due to the onset of darkness and bad weather.

NOTE: Not all pictures are of the best quality, but they were taken from a moving car


  1. Thanks for those photos, nice to see a part of the country.

  2. Most of those photos were quite good. That must be a country where they grow a good bit of sheep. That is bad about that one having to endure all that muck. Bet you two were glad to get back to eat that roast. Thanks for sharing your day and the pictures. Helen

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos.  Such beautiful countryside. Such a shame they will be adding those wind turbines.  UGH!
    I laughed at the little red car with flowers.  Was that the car you were in?  It was cute!  And those funny sheep.  They don't look as if they are in a hurry to move out of your way! LOL!
    Looks like it was a beautiful drive.

  4. Guido, the beach is lovely even in December although I wouldn't want to be dining at a picnic table.  Love the sheep just wandering around.  Chris

  5.  So beautiful and I can almost smell the manure thank you very much, LOL.