Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Cancer Awareness

Sugar, who writes a private journal, reminds us that September is Cancer Awareness month. I relay the message that any changes in your body that you are not happy with should be checked out.

Ladies are encouraged to check their breasts for irregularities and have a mammogram; also to go for regular pap smears to ensure there is no cervical cancer.

Gentlemen should not hesitate either to check their private parts on a regular basis and discuss anything untoward with their doctor. Problems passing water should also be a good reason to visit the GP.

Early diagnosis is the key towards greater success in the treatment of cancer, possibly extending life expectancy if not curing the illness.

As I indicated above, there is no 'one' cancer. Cancer takes thousands of forms, which affect different parts of the body. None of them are treated in the same way. Finding a cure for Cancer as such is therefore impossible. Finding a cure for some forms of cancer certainly is possible.


  1. Great & timely entry.
    God bless,

  2. I've had my mammogram for the year.  It's not that bad when you get a margarita afterwards.  Hee hee..


  3. Wonderful reminder hon! (Hugs)Indigo

  4. This is such good advice ~ Ally x

  5. Timely entry for me.  My mom has her cancer checkup on Friday - if clear, it will be 5 years cancer free!  She sought medical attention at the first sign therefore they were able to catch her cancer early, followed by surgery & radiation.  Good advice Guido.