Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wednesday 17 September

A bright morning, with the sun peeping between the blanket of thin clouds. Am getting bored now with all the talk of money, banks, hedge funds and the credit crunch. Quite agree with the commenters on my previous post: greed is the root of a lot of evil.

A new television channel starts on satellite and cable TV in the UK on Friday evening: BBC Alba. It is a Gaelic language service (Alba = Scotland), which has been running old programs in Gaelic for a few weeks now. Local news sources say BBC Alba will be fronted by a lady from Lewis. The channel can be seen across the UK - again, only on satellite and cable.


  1. I agree, continually hearing about the financial crisis gets tedious.   It also causes panic, which we don't need.

  2. Well... I haven't got any money to loose.  So I am already used to economising.  They would have to put it in the bank for me to have any.   Lol!
    As for they wheeler dealers on the stock exchange...I always likened them to gamblers of whom a lot of them do not care where their money goes as long as it comes back twofold at least!  Fast cash and fast thrills seems so ethereal and shallow, to me anyway, as a way of life.  But...each to their own.
    The best things in life are free.


  3. It`s true, the financial crisis has been caused in, part by greed. Also I`m bored with the whole thing too and would like to concentrate on happier things.

    Love Sandra x

  4. AMEN on the financial issue.  I know a couple people who watch the financial news before they go to bed and again upon rising. They even get text messages thru out the day regarding all their stocks, etc. To me~that is just weird!   During good times they have almost more money than they could ever spend and of course right now they are on the verge of nervous breakdowns. Linda in WA