Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tuesday 9 September

The day started quite nice in the islands, but the weather gradually deteriorated through the afternoon. By about 6pm, it came down to rain, but only across the hills. Here in Stornoway town, there wasn't all that much wetness to speak of. Went up to Ness, north Lewis, this afternoon for a social call. Quite an impressive swell running on the west facing beaches.

With regards to hurricane Ike, this storm has just left the shores of Cuba for the Gulf of Mexico. It is imperative to stress that at this juncture, it is not certain at all where it will make landfall, but the coast of Texas seems to be a fair bet. Assumptions will soon have to be made, as there is a good chance that Ike will rebuild to category 3 or 4 status, necessitating an evacuation. I gather that the evacuation ahead of Rita in 2005 took more lives than the hurricane itself.

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