Friday, 19 September 2008

Friday 19 September

Bright day with good sunny intervals, making it feel quite warm. Went back to the Eye cemetery this afternoon to complete my trawl of said graveyard for wargraves. Got another dozen or so pictures there.

The Caribbean island state of Haiti was pommeled by four tropical cyclones in recent weeks. Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike all dumped vast quantities of rain, nearly destroying the city of Gonaives in the process. Normal aid procedures are deemed to be insufficient, so a call for further help has gone out.

Over the past week, I have received several indications that the commemoration of 9/11 has been seized upon to highlight Muslim extremism. Photographs and video footage was shown of mobs in England, calling for the murder of infidels and deranged clerics in the Middle East wanting the destruction of everything the Western world stands for - in their eyes. I have to stress most forcefully that this information is out of date, as the world has changed a lot since 2005/6. It is unhelpful in the extreme that this footage has been dug out of the archives, particularly around 9/11 - or perhaps precisely because of it. Should this sort of material come your way, please consign it to the circular archive, otherwise known as the dustbin or garbage can.


  1. SIX FULL days into the Ohio blackout and 3500 homes in my city are still dark. The local food banks have had thousands come there and had to turn some away...the food at the food shelters spoiled!!

  2. I know what you are referrring to about the muslim material.  Seems it has reached quite a few individuals in my area via postal mail.  People are watching it & talking about it as well.   Those poor souls in Haiti are living in hell on earth.  I know someone who travels there often and on his last visit a woman tried to give him her infant ~ which of course he could not take for a number of reasons.  He left knowing that child will die.  From what he has told us it is horror I don't even think we can fathom.  How awfully sad, it breaks my heart and I wish I could save some of those precious babies.