Saturday, 6 September 2008

Saturday 6 September

Quite a nice day, with the odd light shower passing by. It is still raining heavily over the Scottish borders and in the English Midlands, if my check on the rainfall radar is correct.

The eastern USA is having a wet day with tropical storm Hanna, currently moving into Virginia, making its way towards New England and the Canadian Maritimes. I'm surprised to note that many people on the US east coast tend to forget they are in Hurricane Alley too. The NHC website carries a useful section on preparedness for Hurricane Season, and it does not just apply to Florida or the Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Ike is approaching the Bahamas from the east, and in response a mandatory evacuation has been ordered for visitors and tourists in the Florida Keys. It should be noted that the only hurricane local statement out for Ike at this time is for Key West. The other locations are affected by Hanna.


  1. I do have a plan of sorts. Leave if they tell me to, go wherever my daughter and her family goes. Otherewise, hunker down with lots of candles, extra water, and food than can be eaten from the tin, if necessary, Oh yes, and hope like all get out it's not too bad! Margo

  2. Actually have always had an emergency plan for pets and myself no matter what the circumstances are...water, canned goods and candles are the main staples for anyone that may end up without power for any amount of time. So far here in NY we are only seeing endless rainfall. Hope it stays that way. Keeping everyone else in my prayers on the smoke they stay safe. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Another beautiful sunny day here in my area.  Windows & doors are open letting in the fresh air.  Linda

  4. The rain was just crazy here on Saturday, it has been years since I recall such hard & steady rain.