Monday, 8 September 2008

Monday 8 September

Nice bright day, with the sun out just now. Not so nice in Cuba, which is being pounded by winds in excess of 100 mph. Although hurricane Ike is weakening over land, the storm is anticipated to reemerge over waters south of Cuba, where it could restrengthen.

Another tropical system is brewing up in the Pacific, which will need watching through the week. By the weekend, it could pack 90 mph winds as it heads for Japan. Watch this space.

A young osprey was found dead on the West Side of Lewis, after it went the wrong way on its autumn migration. Rather than heading south, it went west. It carried a satellite tracking beacon, and after it was found transmitting from the same location for hours over the weekend, a search party went out to look for it. Moray the osprey was then found dead, presumably as a result of colliding with a car. More on this story here.


  1. There you are summing up your Monday and I haven't done one constructive thing yet.  Still have to finish my breakfast & put my face on. I have a bunch of running around to do today and it's supposed to be 80* today, so I guess I'd better get going.  These storms have already killed so many dear people, I hope they are over soon. Linda in WA

  2. Awwww, that's a shame about the young osprey.  Interesting to read; wonder how many get off course in such a manner.

    Tis quite lovely here today as well, after the storm came through so intently on Saturday ( but Hanna came in slightly further south on the bay, changing the wind direction and hence flooding -- so E's dock was barely not submerged, the one next to his was, not sure about other areas of "the" bay).

    I do feel for those in Cuba and other areas that get smacked repeatedly.

  3. Very sad about the young osprey.
    I hope that these islands and states getting hit by back-to-back hurricanes get a little respite.  

  4. How sad about the Osprey, poor thing.  The weather is not supposed to be good down here either Guido but at least we have not got the flooding those poor devils are getting in the midlands and north.

  5. Very sad about the little osprey.....thanks for caring about them.

    Pooh Hugs,

  6. Poor little Moray, how sad for him.  I followed the link to Roy's site, very interesting.