Friday, 5 September 2008

Friday 5 September

Nice sunny day in the islands, with a nice easterly breeze. Temperatures not really fantastic (14C), but the sun makes it quite warm if you're out of the wind. The weather radar shows an ugly picture over England and southern Scotland, with very heavy rain edging north.

Spent the past 2 hours in Sandwick Cemetery, as it had been pointed out to me that there were 8 more wargraves than I had previously listed. Well, in actual fact, I came away with pictures of 40 more. Got my work cut out to (a) read the inscriptions and (b) track down details for the casualties concerned

If you are on the US east coast, between Florida and Rhode Island, Hanna will come for tea anywhere between Friday and Saturday afternoon. She'll carry force 11 winds, up to 10 inches of rain and leaving flooding in her wake. Please monitor NWS and NHC output for details and local warnings. States involved are: FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, PA, DC, MD, NJ and RI.


  1. Preparing all day for tomorrow here...thanks for the mention of our state!
    Take care...enjoy your weekend...

  2. We are definitely monitoring here in Maryland (MD) -- where my friend, E, keeps his boat (Eastern shore), they predict water approximately 1 foot above docks, or up to that high.  I'm not remembering exactly now.  It's rare for me to see forecasts of 100% chance of rain, but yeppers, for tonight and tomorrow, and as you say, high winds not to be ignored.  Do be safe, everyone, from the aftermath as well -- flooding can be dangerous, also.

    Btw, cool in finding some 40 more!  Yep, a lot of work.  Methinks you'll be up for it:)

    Coming for tea.  Cute expression.  Perhaps I'll go get some crumpets or scones now, yanno, to prepare.  And get E's cars tire fixed so we can get out to the boat and fix the lines...........

  3. You forgot NY LOL thats where I am!


  4. Here in PA they are telling us to expect something tomorrow.  Sounds like you do have alot of work to do.

  5. Dear Guido,
    it fascinated me that you follow these people so closely!
    You are indeed the good man in the lighthouse
    I wrote about when I first read your words!

  6. Yes the weather down here in the South East has been horrid the last few days.......... I have sen the sun once in just over 2 weeks........... :o((

  7. I fear you forgot Connecticut. We, too, are expecting something out of Hanna, and I spent yesterday covering things up and moving small items from the yard to safety.

    Thanks for the comment in my jourmal, it helps.