Monday, 15 September 2008

It was bad

The brown platforms is all that is left of seafront buildings on Bolivar Island, Galveston. Destroyed by a storm surge of 15 feet or more as Ike roared past early on Saturday. The island is unaccessible, as the hurricane has redrawn the map. More on the aftermath of Ike in Texas here.

Oh, the windstorm that lashed the USA yesterday were the result of the remnants of TWO tropical cyclones: Ike and Lowell. Lowell was a tropical storm off the Baja California peninsula last week.


  1. Hello~
    That was one nasty storm! I used to live very close to Galveston in when I was in junior high school and have been to just about all of those little towns by Galveston many times. Such a beautiful place. I'm a volunteer for the Red Cross and have been putting in time to help with shipments that are going to the victims. Who knows, I may be going to help as soon as I complete a few more classes. My heart is just broken for those people.
    Thank you so very much for the heads up on Google Chrome. You are not the only one who has said it's a disaster. I've been listening to my tech podcasts and others who have used it and they said it's BAD! They really need to work some bugs out. I'm going to wait for awhile (Like I'm waiting for them to fix eveything with Vista) for them to get the "bugs" fixed and then try it on my desktop. No way am I going to try it out on my baby----my laptop...LOL

    You take good care :)

  2. I got those after effects two days in a row... yesterday they say was Ike... it wasn't pretty...  but not as bad as other northern states... but damn I'm over 1500 miles away... there abouts...

  3. Those poor people really got blasted!  What a nightmare for all concerned.  Still sunny & warm here. Linda in WA  

  4. What dreadful devastation I feel so sorry for those people that have lost everything ~ my thoughts and prayers are with them ~ Ally x

  5. My heart goes out to those folks, some of the pictures coming through showing the devastation are amazing.

  6. Someone sent me a mail with lots of photos in...... its heartbreaking to see what has been destroyed.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by Ike
    hugs Jayne