Friday, 12 September 2008


That's headed for Texas.Winds in excess of 100 mph near the centre, no eye. Hurricane local statements are in force all along the Gulf Coast, from the Florida Panhandle westwards. Please check them out if you are along there.

The main danger with Ike is a 20 foot stormsurge, as I already said in the previous post. You cannot survive that. Anything in its path will be destroyed, if the 100mph winds had not already done that. You don't want to stay behind to watch. You won't be around afterwards to tell the story anyway.

Hurricanes are a useful force of nature. On a planetary scale they fulfill the purpose of syphoning the sun's excess energy from oceans near the equator to the poles. Ike carries enough energy to power all of humanity 200 times over. Again on a planetary scale, Ike is a small but very intense weather system. My distance from it is close enough for me to watch. 


  1. I have the Weather Channel on this morning and they have been talking about the storm surge as well.  They also stated their are folks who have chosen not to leave, authorities ask that they stay off the roads.  I believe that may be the least of their concerns.

  2. I will be posting on Life and Faith shortly to reassure folks about me and mine.  We have a bunker in the hill.  -  Barbara

  3. I'm glad to be landlocked in TN.  I'm praying for those who are staying behind!

  4. Praying for the people in Texas......

    Pooh Hugs,

  5. i have all the news channels on fav LOL!

  6. Thank you for the info~  I know this is a big one and we were lucky in Florida this time, but my thoughts are with Barbara, her family and family I have all around Houston.  I hope everyone keeps them in prayers.  Thank you~  Carolyn

  7. WOW.....What a picture. Thanks for the info Guido.
    Praying that everyone stays safe
    hugs Jayne

  8. thanks Guido
    I'm so worried about Barbara and others and now I hear Carolyn has relatives out that way