Saturday, 13 September 2008

Out of gas

Following the collapse of UK tour-operator XL, some 65,000 people are left to find their own way home. The company blamed high fuel prices for its demise.

Italian carrier AlItalia is running out of fuel, for a similar reason. It does not have sufficient funds to pay its fuel bills, which could see it ceasing operations in the very near future. One source warned that as many as 30 airlines could be forced to close as a result of the hike in oil prices. Funny thing, that oil prices have gone down by more than 30% from their high near $150 a barrel; currently that prices runs at around $100.

I was watching CNN for a few minutes earlier today to monitor coverage of Ike rampage up Texas. I got bored quickly with the sight of reporters being buffeted by winds, swaying lights and debris blowing in the wind. Gas prices have appearantly rocketed to the dizzying height of $5.35 per gallon. Well, I've calculated our fuel price here in Stornoway as $13 per gallon.


  1. Yikes...$13 a gallon.  I got regular unleaded on Thursday for $3.53 a gallon. We're hoping the gas prices stay down as we travel nearly 3,000 miles in the next 6 weeks.  Bob's truck with 10 foot camper on the back gets about 12 miles to the gallon.  He found a lot of ways to increase the mileage~maintaining 55 miles per hour for one thing and then putting the gear in neutral going down long hills.  I think it's really rotten of them to raise the gas prices that much in areas affected by the storm.  People will need gas for their vehicles as well for running generators to keep a little power to their homes until power is restored.  I hear about 4 million are without power.  Linda in WA  

  2. $13 per  We had a .09 increase since this morning.  Not that big of a deal yet.  Watching the Weather Channel most of the time for Ike coverage and they have reported 13 refineries are shut down and gas is expected to sky rocket.  Not to the $13 you have but close to $6.00/gallon, so they say. I think the Weather Channel has been doing a fabulous job with their coverage, I only saw one reporter get blown to the ground.  ;)

  3. Our gas has gone up to $4.15 here, and that is bad enough.  I can't imagine paying $13.00 a gallon.  I think maybe it's not so much the actual amount that hurts so much, but it's the amount of the "increase".  There are people here who will have serious trouble making ends meet in order to buy gas to get to work or school, and I'm not talking about having to do without nonessentials, either.