Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Apart from AOL Journals, AOL Hometown will also be sunset (quoting the euphemism from AOL bigwig Kevin Conroy on July 25. AOL Hometown, a rather outmoded piece of FTP (storage) space is used / can be used for putting your pics, rev-counter etc. You will lose that on November 1st, if you don't save everything first.

AOL Pictures will meet a similar fate, and please be warned that NOTHING is being done for your pictures. The AOL pictures blog has not been updated since summer 2007, and there is no word on their website. You may well find all your pictures gone by November 1st as well - that's not official, but my personal assessment

In all fairness, at least our journalseditor is trying to make the best of a bad situation. It's still crap though.


  1. and to go to blogger you also have to have a google account. So much hassle.  If something aint broke, don't fix it and AOL journals were far from broke.

    I am going to look at alternative blogging sites and see what they offer but not today, I have had more than enough for one day.

  2. I never did quite know what "AOL Hometown" was.  Or this whole AIM stuff and signing in to AIM even when I'm accessing an AOL journal via my AOL account (I've signed in for already), and etc.........


    Thanks for your info.  I just happened to catch it on Magic Smoke, otherwise, it could have taken me until late October to realize.  

    Yeah, it sucks.

  3. I guess I should have been paying attention to all the things going on around me.  I still don't know what half the things are people are talking about....RSS feeds, Feedblitz etc....gosh, I feel so lost right now.  I did have a blogger account I had forgotten about so at least that is done.
    What a dark day for j-land.