Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Turkey and Armenia

Between 1915 and 1917, during World War I, 1.5 million people were killed in Armenia by Turkish forces. Turkey states that many people did die at the time, but as a result of the war, not as an act of genocide. Armenia, independent from the Soviet Union since 1991, has always maintained that it was genocide. Relations between the two countries have been glacial to say the least, not helped by Turkish support for its ally, and Armenia's enemy at the time, Azerbaidjan, over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabach. The border between the two countries remains closed.

It is therefore encouraging to note that the Turkish president will attend a football match between Turkey and Armenia in latter country. After the stramash over Georgia, it is good to see signs of rapprochement in the Caucasus. Full story here.


  1. I really hope all goes well there!!


  2. Nothing like a good football game to bring peace.  I hope it goes well.

  3. cool news GUido! and thanks for your excellent blog entry about Georgia