Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Wednesday 10 September

Overcast today and quite breezy, but not too cold in the islands.
Hurricane Ike is moving away from Cuba and towards the Texas coast. On arrival, by the weekend, the storm will be packing winds well in excess of 125 mph. The worst aspect will be very high storm surge flooding. No details at this moment, but anyone who is ordered to evacuate should do so immediately.

Typhoon Sinlaku is heading northnortheast towards Japan. Although this typhoon (the Pacific equivalent of a hurricane) is building towards category 4 status, it will have lost most of its puff by the time it comes near southwestern Japan over the weekend.

The body of a man was found inside a tent, pitched near Loch Einich in the Cairngorm mountains southeast of Inverness. It had been there for several months. Police are appealing for anyone with information to get in touch.


  1. Wednesday starting out as a beautiful sunny day here in the northwest.  Predicted to be in the high 70's.  No rain showing up in the near future.  I'll be dragging the hoses out today to water the front lawn & flowers.   Linda in Washington  

  2. Believe it or not we have seen the SUN today...what a difference it makes one feels alive again...What a shame about the man in the tent...youwould think someone would have reported him sad...LOve for now Sybil x

  3. It has been quite a nice day here today it was so nice to see the Sun out for a change :o) ~ How sad about the man being found dead and being there for such a long time ~ hope the police get some leads and find out who he is ~ Ally x

  4. We are having a splendid day here in is cool, breezy & abundant sunshine.  It makes it hard to believe there is a pending hurricane to our South.  I hope folks heed the warnings.

  5. They just found the body remains in Wichita of a woman who had been missing since June. Her body was in 3 places! Hope all is going well with you. Janie

  6. raining heavily in Ohio. We need it desperately.
    How sad about the dead dude in the tent.  :(