Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wednesday 3 September

Chucking it down at the moment after a sunny start. I've written about my bad experience with Google Chrome, so I'm back on Firefox. Not perfect either, but at least I can access my pages without hassle.

Anyone that still doubts the existence of climate change should have a look at this news report about the break-up of the Arctic iceshelves off Ellismere Island in the Canadian Arctic.

It is reported today that the use of a combination of cholesterol lowering drugs is linked to cancer. This is the outcome of ONE study, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, and other studies show no such link. It is stated that it may be a one-off. If you are on cholesterol lowering drugs do not stop taking them; discuss any concerns with your doctor.


  1. We have sunshine but not very bright.  I saw on the tv the other night a man is taking a kayak through the North West Passage which has fully opened up this year due to melting ice.  He wants to prove that climate change is actually happening.  Also I saw a picture of a drowning polar bear.  Apparently their floes are breaking up and the floes are getting so far apart that they cannot swim far enough and go under through exhaustion. They reckon Polar Bears are doomed.  Always one health scare or another.

  2. It upsets and saddens me to read this article and I don't understand how anyone can say this is not a valid concern or actually happening.  It's such a shame to think of what will happen to the wonderful animals who live there.  Mankind better wake up before we completely destroy the earth and the damage is irrepairable.

  3. I see you are back up!  Good!

    Krissy :)

  4. I saw an article about the break up of arctic ice in our local newspaper a week or so ago also.  They don't have much faith that it will refreeze this winter as it didn't last winter.  Scary stuff.  About the statins, that was one of the very many reasons and is still why I do not want to take statins.  Zocor is one of the drugs mentioned.  I know you know that.  Statins are really vicious drugs.  I'm getting a blood test done in a month to see what my counts are.  I've been walking two miles a day at least five days a week and eating properly.  My HDL was 145; my LDL was 48.  I'm not so sure I even needed statins at this point in time.  Chris