Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Tuesday 2 September

Bright and fairly sunny, but with some shower clouds about. A rash of showers is shown on the weather radar, all the way from Cornwall to the Western Isles and beyond. Not very warm, 13C / 57F.

A ferocious fire destroyed a mansion in Maesbrook, Shropshire, last Tuesday. Following the blaze, three members of a family were missing. Over the weekend, forensic teams were able to enter the ruins and recovered the remains of three people. One has been positively identified as the mother, the other (a male) is thought to be that of the father. The third corpse could be that of their 15-year old daughter. The body of the mother had a gunshot wound to the head, and police are treating the incident as murder. The man had been in serious difficulties with his business

The BBC program Dateline London, which I plugged last week, is now available for viewing on the BBC iPlayer, but in the UK ONLY, and until 7 September only.


  1. OH BOY..the dad may have killed himself and his family? SAD!!

  2. 2nd time commenting first vanished....I have just been listning to Dateline London...  My she is a bonniw wee lass aint she lol....
    It is a very difficult area to actually discuss as one of the speakers so rightly said there is so much history between Georgia and Russia.
    We have had a day of heavy showers and certainly not very warm...
    Love for now   Sybil x


  3. What a horrible story, sad.

  4. Weather in London was almost the opposite of yours Guido....we had rain overnight and this morning.... then it seemed to brighten up this afternoon and cleared by this evening.

    It was very sad, i cannot imagine what those poor people went through in that house. The dogs and horses were also shot and killed. Even though he was in debt that is an awful thing to do to your family

  5. Glad you had a sunny day...and so sad about the fire and the loss of life!!
    Take care!

  6. We are having a bright & sunny day here too. Not real warm but sunny. Tragic about the deaths of that family.  It's sad when people feel there's no way out of their problems and resort to such an awful crime.   Linda in Washington state  

  7. hi guido, sunshine and heavy rain here, saw a lovely rainbow at teatime, you could see all the colours! It looks like the father shot the wife and daughter then himself....sad. take care mrs t x