Friday, 12 September 2008

Friday 12 September

Fairly bright morning, an improvement on yesterday's dreich and drizzly weather. Hurricane Ike is now approaching Texas from the east, and a storm surge of 20 to 25 feet is expected along the coastline. Get the h*** out of there if you're on the east Texas coast.

A cruiseliner lies docked in Stornoway since yesterday evening, its passengers are being taken around Lewis to see the sights. Which is what you won't be doing if you're booked with travel company XL: this has gone into administration and all its services withdrawn.

Going nowhere is also the order of the day if you are booked to go through the Channel Tunnel. A fire on a freight train closed the tunnel yesterday, and it remains shut. No Eurostar or other services are operating.


  1. Going nowhere almost sounds delightful -- if of ones own chosing:)

    I don't recall you ever using such to the point wording for a hurricane; it is merited.  Even my girlfriend in Corpus Christi (further west) has been packing up and departs today to safer spots, and she'd like to just wait it out.  Some really cool satellite images, I'm sure you know, just I do hope people stay out of potential harms way.

  2. You need to be living over here warning of hurricanes, as the southern states seemed to be getting a run on them.  I just read Paula's journal in Texas and they are battening down just in case, but the storm has shifted and now she is worried about her daughter living in the Housten area.  Gerry

  3. I heard about the Chunnel on the early news.  We are having rain again today.

  4. Saw on the news about the tunnel Guido.  I mentioned some names in my entry today, you will probably spot one was from the Isle of Lewis.

  5. I hope everyon gets out of the way if Ike promptly....what a shame anout the breakup of XL with so many folks left in limbo...Personal reasons for being sorry about Eurostar as Max my nephew in law was booked to go this morning to PAris to meet Beth my niece arrive in Paris after her cycle ride from London.  Love for now  Sybil xx

  6. I can't believe the number of people who are refusing to leave the area where Hurricane Ike is expected to hit.  They are crazy !  I'd be packed and head out of town.  Meanwhile in the Pacific was another warm & sunny day. Linda in WA