Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Ike update - 17 September

Spotted this on a blog on hurricanes. The town of Gilchrist, near Galveston, was virtually completely destroyed, as in no trace of it left. Apart from being subjected to a 14-20 feet storm surge, it then got swept clean by the reverse backwash. Five of the 200 structures in the town are left standing - to an extent. Whether anyone stayed behind to ride out the storm is not known, and neither is it known if they survived. The lagoon behind the town is being looked over for them.


  1. dear GOD.

    I pray all those folks got out!!!!!!!

  2. I've been hearing that in the news this morning.  That's just incredible. Hopefully, they all left taking important papers, pictures, etc with them.  We should take Mother Nature seriously.  Linda in WA

  3. My Gosh, this is heart wrenching.  This is the first I've seen or heard about this.  

  4. So much devastation ~ I hope they didn't stay to ride out the storm ~ Ally x

  5. I hope everyone moved out safely and that there are no casualties.
    This is a horror picture.
    It doesn't bear thinking about how anyone fared if they did stay behind.


  6. This is so tragic and breaks my heart.I had no idea how things were going on.Thankyou for the update.Prayers being said for everyone this will affect.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  7. Guido
    The two photos shown together provide a dramatic reminder of the power of these storms.  Very interesting shots, thanks.

  8. Just unbelievable.  Our local newspapers have covered Galvston and the islands more so than Houston, but the national media has done very little in this way.  Thanks Guido...Chris

  9.   This terrible storm has done more damage then we even know yet I think.  The photo's are unbelievable.