Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday 21 September

Quite a decent day in the islands, with increasing amounts of sunshine as the afternoon progresses. Temperatures have gone down on recent values, just 12 degrees right now.

South Africa's president, Mr Mbeki, is to announce he will stand down. Can't say I'm sorry to see him go, actually. I'm not a avid follower of SA politics, but a head of state that denies there is an AIDS problem, whereas about one-third of his people have the virus and/or the disease, should really consider his position. Also his tacit approval of Robert Mugabe's regime didn't do him any favours, although Mugabe has sawn the legs from under his own chairs through a disastrous economic policy. The formal reason for Mr Mbeki to step down lies under allegations of interference with a political rival.


  1. I was never a fan of Mr Mbeki for the same reasons, plus I don`t think he was a very strong leader. The only problem being who will replace him?

    Love Sandra x

  2. Yes, I've read about Mr. Mbeki's unfortunate statements about HIV/AIDS, just beyond me how he can lie so easily.  And why be supportive of the havoc of Mugabe's regime?  I dinnae ken what this guy is about! lol!!  Anyway, glad yer having better weather.  Glayva, CATHY  

  3. We've been enjoying some unseasonally cool and drier weather since the hurricane.  A blessing to all working on restorations and those still without power.  -  Barbara

  4. Denies there is an AIDS problem?????  Are you kidding me?