Sunday, 14 September 2008

Ike update - 14 September

Ike is no longer a tropical cyclone, but is by all accounts a nasty piece of work nonetheless. According to the last advisory from the National Hurricane Center, the storm is moving northeast up the Tennessee and Ohio valleys, with gusts up to 60 mph. A high wind advisory is in force across Ohio.

Points northeast should watch out tonight and tomorrow; the UK will get a swipe on Thursday in the shape of winds in northern Scotland. Yep, that's me.


  1. Batten down the hatches, Guido!  Linda in WA

  2. Stay safe Guido ~ keep us updated ~ Glad Ike has calmed down a bit but as you say still a nasty piece of work ~ Ally x

  3. i pray its swipe of you on Thurs is a gentle one!

  4. We had some pretty gusty winds last night from Ike but no rain and it is breezy today with a wind advisory.  To our Northwest they had a gust of 67 last night.  Hope your winds aren't too bad.