Thursday, 8 November 2007

Afternoon notes

Getting quite cold here, with the mercury on a slow slide to (at present) 4C / 39F. The frequent wintry showers carry severe squalls, with winds gusting to 55 mph. Elsewhere in Scotland, severe gales rule the roost, with gusts in excess of 70 mph further east. Tomorrow should be better.

I was shocked to hear of a school shooting in Finland, of all places. The culprit had posted a video (now deleted) on YouTube, describing what he was going to do. I am growing increasingly wary of what kids pick up from the Net, and a vulnerable person could easily be pushed over the edge.

If you do not store emails on your PC (i.e. you don't use something like Outlook Express), you could do worse than switch off the email scanning facility of your firewall. It sped things up a little this end. Not much. Just a little.


  1. I was shocked about the Finland shooting as well.  

  2. I suppose its too difficult to police every suspicious looking Video posted on UTube.
    It's quite shocking and worrying what the young are exposed to nowadays.
    How on earth do we stop this sort of thing happening?