Saturday, 3 November 2007

Storm and hurricane update - 3 November

Nor'easter Noel is moving north past the eastern USA, and is expected to bring gales and 4 inches of rain in places. In Canada, winds are reported at 56 mph. If you're along the coast there, please exercise extreme caution. Waves of 40 feet are being generated by this storm, and will impact the coast - also in the US. I'd suggest anyone in  Atlantic Canada to read this article on, which gives some useful advice. Noel will carry winds of 70 to 90 mph / 120 to 140 kph. Snow is anticipated for Labrador. Noel will pass north towards Greenland.

Tropical storm Peipah will impact the Philippines in the early hours of Monday (local time), with winds of 70 knots. Having traversed the island, the typhoon will have weakened, but is going to follow in the tracks of typhoon Durian last year, by curving southwest past the southern coast of Vietnam. Durian wreaked havoc in Vietnam in 2006, and if Peipah follows the more southerly course that is currently projected, Thailand could be in for a nasty surprise. Very long-range forecasting, and I'll keep an eye open through next week.


  1. Noel sounds nasty Guido. I pray the people up in Canada will remain safe. Jeannette xx  

  2. I saw some footage this morning - I surely would not have been standing outside. I hope Noel passes without much damage or injury.

  3. I talked with a friend in Massachusetts today just as a tree across the street fell down.   Very heavy rain and winds.         Dawn

  4. It was interesting to see the east coast TV weather people outside broadcasting on today's news.  They practically had to be tethered to a railing or something to keep from being blown away.   It was a mild sunny day here, about 58 degrees.  Linda in Washington state