Sunday, 4 November 2007

Talkshows silenced?

Well that really would be an improvement for TV. Scriptwriters are set to go on strike on American TV over a dispute regarding royalty payments on new media, such as DVDs. I have to admit to barely watching anything else but the news and, erm, car chases on television these days. It's difficult to find a rose in amongst all the thorns, to use a polite expression.

Today, the face of Tutankhamon was revealed to the world for the first time in 3,300 years. The 19-year old god-king of ancient Egypt died in 1324 BC, probably from complications arising from a broken leg. The face of Tutankhamon in 2007 AD is a slightly gruesome black and shrivelled image.

This afternoon is very grey and dark, with the lighthouse already sending its beams across the water, a quarter of an hour before sunset. Have a look on the webcam.


  1. Went to read the link of the face of Tut, good read, thanks for sharing!!


  2. You are correct in your description of King Tut, it is a bit gruesome - fascinating but gruesome.  It appears the Webcam is offline right now - I'll take another look later.

  3. Great more re-runs LOL.....June:)

  4. Since I rarely watch anything but the news...I guess that won't be taken away...
    I will enjoy the reruns sadly, to me they will be new.
    Take care!

  5. I do love that picture of the grey choppy water on the main page of NewtonCam....


  6. I'll enjoy watching the webcam!  I seldom watch television.  I avoid television news (among other things).

    I DID read about the face of Tut!  VERY exciting!  :)