Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thursday notes

Severe weather today, with galeforce winds and stormforce gusts. Over on North Rona it's blowing a hurricane with gusts up to 80 knots, 90 mph. During squalls (and they are frequent) winds pick up and blow spindrift across the basin. Temperature has fallen to only 6C / 43F and is expected to drop down further. Snow is a possibility, with low level accumulations not unlikely. Tonight's overnight low will be -1C / 30F.

In other words, I'm on weatherwatch today.

I was disgusted with Independent Radio News at 8 am this morning who were reporting on a vaccine for chickenpox, following the death a number of children of this disease. They suggested that it should be incorporated with the controversial MMR jab. That is an gross inaccuracy. Back in the 1990s, a man claimed that MMR vaccination was linked to the development of autism. This link was proven to be non-existent. Nonetheless, the damage was done. The rate of uptake of MMR jabs fell to 75%, which allowed the emergency of small epidemics of measles, mumps and rubella. All these diseases carry the risk of severe complications or even death, and I feel it was irresponsible of IRN to once again question the safety of MMR. They dropped the reference in the 9 am news bulletin.


  1. Chickenpox is a childhood illness my son had it and i had it as a child. I do know that if there was anything to take away the pain for my son i would have glady had my son have the vaccine. The MMR i have serious doubts about but long term and over all it as saved many many lifes. My son had all vaccinations.
    The weather is very windy but the sun is out in all its fine glory.
    love and hugs

  2. Keep yourself safe Guido.

  3. The winds are picking up down here in the Lakes Guido.  And its bitterly cold!
    Strangely enough I am reading a murder story at the moment and it takes place on Rona.  
    It isn't fair to put young mother's into a quandary about these jabs once more.  I was lead to believe that they were proven to be safe for the umpteenth time over the years. Because folks have never seen measles mumps etc they are not aware of how dangerous, as you mentioned, they can be.
    I watched after my niece who had measles in the early sixties and she was quite seriously ill. We had to close the curtains to keep the light out of her eyes and she caught a chest infection with it too.  Poor mite!  I wouldn't wish that on any child. Measles can lead to blindness, deafness, brain damage or death.  And that's just one of the jabs that can protect you when given the MMR vaccine.

  4. I just saw a gal on TV (she's some sort of a celebrity here in the US) that has a son that was autistic.  And the word "was" is important here. She spent countless hours over the years researching this condition.  Thru diet changes and countless therapies her son, now a teenager is functioning as a fully normal young adult. She said that she firmly believes the childhood vaccinations have NOTHING to do with autism.  It was refreshing to hear her amazing story.  If I can remember who she was, I'll try and find a link for you.  Your report of impending cold weather yesterday, prompted me to go out and drain hoses and cover my outdoor faucets. So I'm ready for it here...however we are supposed to be sunny and warm (near 60 degrees) again today. Linda in Washington state