Monday, 5 November 2007

Cash for honours

Early in 2006, Western Isles MP Angus Brendan MacNeil, SNP, lodged a formal complaint with the police that peerages were being awarded to financial sponsors of political parties. This is an offense under legislation dating back to 1925. After an investigation spanning 16 months, which saw the arrest of several key aides of the then Labour Party leader and Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and the interrogation of said PM on two occasions, the conclusion was drawn that there was no case to answer. Insufficient evidence. The bill for the entire investigation has been made public: £1.4 million ($2.8m).

Tony Blair was politically blighted, as he became the first serving PM to be interrogated by the Police. He left office in late June this year. Mr MacNeil is now politically blighted, as his cash-for-honours probe has hit the buffers, yielding no political capital. Here in the islands, we remember a three-in-a-bed session that our MP allegedly had in 2005 after drinking in Lerwick (Shetland) with two under-age girls. Woopsiedaisy.


  1. Woopsiedaisy indeed....LOL.....June:)

  2. I am so politically challenged that I just kinda have to use my head and figure things out for myself.  It doesn't seem right, the payoffs I mean.  There would be big trouble state side for it, but they do it every election and I think they mask it under other type of names so to make it legal.  Still same behavior I think it's immoral and unnacceptable.  But again, what do I know other than not everyone wishes to play fair but choses to win at any cost.  Is that really winning?  I question it.


  3. Hmm?   Turns you off politics doesn't it?  I will always believe that it is the people who made a difference in this world.  Not the politicians.  As long as we don't loose contact with our humanity.


  4. Sex, Money & Lies = a politician.  I am not at all jaded either. ;)