Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Tuesday notes

No surprises if I tell you the weather is grey, breezy and with the odd spot of rain carried on the wind. The morning was punctuated by heavy plant repaving the backstreet. That serves several businesses, with lorries and vans pounding on and off the pavement. Once the works have finished, I'll see if I can negotiate it in safety. Answer: probably not.

Little to report on on the hurricane front: typhoon Peipah is moving away from the Philippine island of Luzon and is taking the slow train to the Vietnamese resort of Nha Trang. It will be a marginal tropical storm by the time it gets there, on Saturday.

The Queen will reopen London's St Pancras railway station. This has been refurbished to serve Eurostar services to Paris and Brussels, domestic services to the Midlands and Sheffield and from 2009, fast services to Kent. Apart from that, St Pancras also hosts six tube lines. The Eurostar terminal at Waterloo will close.


  1. The train pictured in the article looks like a rocket on tracks!  

  2. I enjoyed looking at the new St Pancras Station Guido...I will get a proper look at it next year when I travel to Kent to visit my sister there. It looks very swish!


  3. Is this the one that just wiped out a village?  Not sure of the timing of your post, comapred with the timing of that event I just happened to see a headline about (on aol).

  4. Did you hear of those two men in Dunedin who were so drunk last night that while trying to light a bonfire with a gasoline can they fell into the fire WITH the gas can?  Yikes!!!  I bet your firemen were very busy last night!

    be well,