Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Evening notes

At the State Opening of Parliament today, the Government (using the Queen as its traditional mouthpiece) announced a big shift towards windenergy. Something I'm not happy with. I've written about the proposed windfarm in Lewis, with 181 turbines stretching over 40 miles, each standing 500 feet tall. That's looking more and more likely now. Curse.

The Western Isles Hospital here in Stornoway has recently seen several cases of MRSA that were resistant to the antibiotic mupirocin which is normally used in the treatment of MRSA. I should stress that all cases were traced and treated. MRSA colonises the skin of about 10% of people and only becomes problematic if the skin is broken (wounds). The bacterium is resistant to a large number of antibiotics, hence the acronym: Multiple Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. The last two words give the name of the beastie.

I wrote yesterday about the woman who died after declining a blood transfusion following childbirth. She refused the transfusion because of her religious beliefs as a Jehovah's Witness. Strongly recommend this story for reading to place things in a wider perspective.

Mattel is going through the mincer, as the toy maker is once again forced to recall tens of thousands of toys. This time, it is to do with a Fisherprice toy. The company have said that 85% of the previous recalls were caused by design flaws in their products, and were not related to the Chinese manufacturing process. The other 15% therefore, were.


  1. Like you I am agains these giant turbines on the skyline.  However it seems they are going forth and multiplying whether people are for them or not.
    I had MRSA in my ear early on last year, just as I finished my radiotherapy.  Fortunately it was a strain which was sensitive to two antibiotics, which my doctor ended up using together, to avoid my having a brain abcess amongst other things.  I can't thank him enough!  It took many weeks of treatment to get shot of it.  That is one scary bacteria nowadays.  All because people used antibiotics too much in the past or didn't complete the full course of treatment.  By doing that I was told you might as well hit the bug with a feather instead of a hammer.  It comes back fighting stronger as it learns how to deal with the antibiotic next time it invades us.
    I got the story wrong the other day.  I thought the babies had died.  Neverthless the father should take all the guilt for allowing his children to become motherless. How could anyone stand by and allow this to happen.  I really think there should be a law to protect people against theselves at times like this.  Now how will he explain this to the children when they are older?


  2. Interesting story, I have mixed emotions on whether or not a doctor should override a patients wishes.  I would say in the case of a child it would be warranted though as they cannot speak for themselves.  

  3. MRSA is everywhere now...so sad...they need to get a check on this...put a lid on the transmission of this horrible disease.  I think a doctor should override a wish from someone who has religious beliefs...if their life is truly in danger...my opinion.  Have a great day....doing some catching up here.