Friday, 9 November 2007

Friday notes

The wind has dropped and there is now only the odd shower about. Temperatures have risen out here, so it's a smidgen more friendly than yesterday. The tidal surge in the southern North Sea has peaked below the anticipated level, and the flood defences in England have held. Two thousand people were told to leave their homes in the night in Great Yarmouth, but the 7 am high tide came and went without mishap. The high tide caused flooding of quays in harbours along the Dutch coast, but no major problems.


  1. Thank goodness it wasnt as bad as feared ,but how good to be warned well in advance ,they didnt have that facility in 1953 Jan xx

  2. That is certainly good news.

  3. Sounds ugly to me.  Happy to hear there were no homes flooded.  Linda in WA